The Apple Recycler
Don't know what to do with your used Macintosh
Sell it to us! We pay the best prices around for used
Macbook's, MacbookPro's, Mac Mini's, and iMacs's!  
Please visit our R
ecycle/Sell to request a quote.
We will buy any  
Macbook, Macbook Pro,
Mac Mini, or Intel iMac
We even pay for the shipping
Broken Screen? No Problem.
Bad Hard Drive? Not an Issue.
Dead Battery? No Trouble at all.
We take them in any and all
Please goto our sell/recycle page for free quote. -" The Apple Computer Recycler"
We will pay top dollar for your used Macintosh Computer.
We buy most models and in any shape.
Even broken ones!

Want to do the right thing with your old Mac? Recycle it
and get paid. We can send you a
PayPal payment in
or a check once we receive it.

Sending you mac to us has never been easier. Simply
pack it up and we send you a prepaid UPS shipping label
for it!

New Program Coming Soon: Donate your
old Mac and we will refurbish it.  We then
give it to local charities or low income
We Work With:
Small Businesses
We offer custom
computer recycling
options to fulfill your
organizations needs.
We also work
with PC Laptops
and PC desktops
Think Green,
Be Green! (The Apple Liquidator)  is now (The Apple Recycler)
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Get Cash for your Mac in Three Easy Steps!
Step 1: Get a Free No
Obligation Quote. If
you like our quote we
send you a contract.
Step 2: Ship the Mac
to us. We send you a
prepaid UPS shipping
Step 3: Get paid! We
can instantly pay you
with PayPal or mail
you a check, which
ever you prefer!
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